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FINALLY, THE INTERVIEW WITH THE CRYPTKEEPER 5            Questions done by: Dan Nothing             Interview completed: 12-19-03

1. I understand you used to be navilistic death, when and why did you decide to change to the cryptkeeper 5?
     johnny - we, me, jimmy, and d.t., that is never liked the name navilistic death... jimmy joined to fill in for a guitarist who was movin' to ohio... i joined shortly after jimmy, and we put out a tape, hehe cd's were too expensive... and right after that we kicked out our drummer and d.t joined... ohh that was a rant, we hated the name is the answer...

2. Who were the original members?
johnny - for navilistic death or the cryptkeeper five? for navilistic death, i have no clue, they had like 20 singers before i was even thought of...   as for the cryptkeeper five, it was me, jimmy, d.t., mike herbert (who was in a band called bareback, he filled in for a while), and joey diablo (who still masters our albums)
3. Who are the members now?
D.T. - As you know, it's Johnny, me, Jimmy, Scotty, Blue, Jack and Nick.  and to tell you the truth, I have never liked a single line-up as much as I like this one.  Every single player in this band amazes me on a regular basis... absolutely slammin' players, all of 'em.
4.Who/What is the biggest influence in your lives?
johnny - we are pretty much influenced by rock & roll, from the beginning til now... we dig early country & rockabilly, rock & roll, rhythm & blues, doo wop, motown, some classic rock, punk rock, new wave, metal, grunge... man we just dig it all... but the biggest was the ramones, hands down.
     D.T. - Any music that makes your heart skip a couple beats.  The kind where you sit in your car, and just stare at your radio with your mouth open wondering where it came from.
     Jimmy - I agree, you gotta know the roots of rock n roll  before you know the branches. My Father and brother influenced me the most.

5. Has anyone influenced you in your writing?
johnny - i think i'm mostly influenced by the ramones, but i love all of what i mentioned above... i love bruce springsteen, the cramps, danzig & the misfits, roy orbison, rftc, hehe i'm just influenced by alot...
     nick - jerry lee lewis definately.. i never thought playing piano was a cool thing until i heard him do it. 

6. What was the first CD put out and when did you guys put it out?
D.T. - Our first effort was a record entitled "Dear Dr. X... I wanna be the creature" in '97... it was during our more "b-movie"-influenced era.  I remember us sitting around not believing that record companies weren't snatching us up before we even pressed the cd's, but listening to it now I realize how much farther we had to go (even though I'm still proud of everything we've done).  Hindsight's 20/20, I guess.
7. Any unreleased recorded albums or songs?
Scotty- You need a security level of G5 or higher to receive an answer to this question.
D.T. - Not really, we're working on some new tracks in the studio now and some re-hashing of a couple older ones, but nothing that will be ready in the near future.
8.any new albums in the near future??
johnny - we're releasing a compilation of all old tunes on a record label called skully called "pomade, switchblades, & their god-damn rock & roll" very soon... it has like 14 song from the catalog of old shit before we had 7 dudes... james rowe, whoi has done artwork for the vandals, static x, and the misfits is dolin the cover...  and a record label called peephole is re-releasing "trenton makes the cryptkeeper five" w/ 3 extra tracks... due out in march
9. What are some of your favorite other local bands?
johnny - i really like day of the borderline, the checkers, the sidwalk heroes, and the commons...
     Jimmy -  I like the Commons, Sidewalk Heros, Checkers, Bongo Jones and Day of the Broderline.
     nick - i think we're all going to say the same bands here, sidewalk heroes and sharkys machine are great, just stay clear of those Checkers guys - i heard they suck.

10. What about favorite non-local bands?
johnny - sharkys machine, blitzkid, the green goblyn project, mr. monster, the starlits are all bands we like to tour with...
     Jimmy - Sharkeys Machine, Green Goblyn Project, Starlits, Banana Fish Zero.
     nick - rancid, murder city devils, green goblyn project

11. If you guys aren't playing, where could we find you?
D.T. - Other than working our day jobs, we'd be rehearsing or putting together something for the stage show or hanging out talking business... I don't know if people realize how much work goes into this band.  We really don't do much... we're not Motley Crue or anything.
12. What would you each describe yourself with, with one word?
Jimmy - sick
     Scotty - Drunk
     nick - fat-ass

13. What would you like to say to your fans?

     Scotty- Thank you both.
     Jimmy - Thank you for your support.
     johnny - we would be playin our music for an empty room if it weren't for you, thank you for makin this a hell of a lot more fun...
     D.T. - Not to sound too sappy but I'm glad to see that people still believe in rock and roll... in it's magic. 
     nick - i just hope you guys like hearin us as much as we like playin for you

Individual Questions

1. Johnny, whats the most memorable song that you have written?
right now, hmmm, i dunno... i guess a tune that i'm writting called "the murder song", which is for a side project... if ya asked me last week it would be "the despersate man and the deadweight", or our newest ones "slowpoke" or "snowflake"... i have an emotional bond w/ every song i write, so that's kinda a hard one...
2. Scotty, How does it feel to be the coolest guy ever, I mean Using your guitar as a cigarette holder, GENIUS!
Thank Slash, Miller High Life, high-interest credit card debt, and all the people who hated me in high school, for without their influence i would not be the underachieving poverty-stricken alcoholic I am today. 
3..Jack, what IS your favorite Video Game?
jack arnone was not able to be contacted for this answer
4.Nick, Coke or Pepsi?
     definately coke... but if i had the choice - surge.
5.D.T, ever wanna hurl a drumstick at the back of one of the guys heads?
D.T. - Nah... well, maybe at practice... hehe.  99% of the time live, I'm too into the show to get mad at the guys.
6. Jimmy, When you're not picking up the chicks, or wailing on the guitar, what are you doing?
Jimmy - I'm either working, watching tv or hanging out with friends.
7. Blue if the band doesn't make it, what will you be doing?
blue madigan was not able to be contacted for this answer